Wednesday, February 15, 2017

You, Of All Teachers

I once met a butcher 
Who was killing a lamb 
I said "What gives you the right to take innocent life?"
He said "You my friend, you would not understand
You've not known of the death that i take with this knife
If you like, i will show you, i will teach you my trade
Then you will honestly know how a murder is made"

I came to a dealer
Who was selling his crack
I said "Why do you paint all these lost souls in black?"
He said "Follow me, if you must know the truth
You will see that they need me, I'll give you the proof
And if you like, once i've shown you, i will teach you my trade
You can resurrect demons from the hell i have made"

I saw a politician 
And i looked in his eyes
I said "How can you spread such deceit with your lies?"
He said "You are but one in a score i can't fool
But the others i master, of them i can rule!
If you listen, i'll show you, i shall teach you my trade
You can help correct errors in judgements i've made"

I bumped into God 
And i asked him of this
"You once gave your son to a traitors cold kiss
Of all of the teachers in which i have learned
It is you that i find myself mostly concerned 
You watched over killings, yet don't seem to care
And left so many lives in such pain and despair"
God he just sighed "Shall i teach you my trade?
My angel, my devil, the man i once made"