Friday, October 21, 2016

Little Earth Prayer

I lay down and wait........ Until not a sound
Placing my face on the cold of the ground
Then whisper my feelings to earth and below
My words sink deep...
Absorbing my chant...
Downward and downward these little words go
They echo in caverns 
Repeating like drips
The love in the words that had spilled from my lips
Now seeping through hollows 
To heal and repair
Reciting my little earth prayer 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Broken Children

My old man he wasn't much
But had the loudest laugh in town
Him a father? Not as such 
He'd turn my whole world upside down
His eyes like mine the colour blue
Were passed to him and then to me
But on my birth, or my debut 
A different world I'd see
The horrors that would come my way
I'd store them somewhere deep inside
But on occasions, like a play
They did not want to hide
And in my nightmares standing there
The very ghoul that I would fear
Would laugh out loud without a care
And whisper in my ear
"Hush little baby don't you cry
Nobody cares if you live or die"
Then laughter fills the room with dread
The room of fear within my head
The sheets I'd pull around me tight
While through the darkness shadows crept 
No comfort in the black of night
Where broken children slept

Friday, October 7, 2016

I Wonder If She'll Miss Me Come Tomorrow?

I wonder if she'll miss me come tomorrow?
Or feel the kiss I left her, with a sigh
I guess she'll never know, that when I quietly closed the door
I wiped away a teardrop from my eye
I know that she'll be strong, and she'll get over me
She'd never let her friends know of her pain
She'll smile and just pretend I'd never mattered
I'm hoping that she'll fall in love again
I'd told her from the start that I'd be leaving
That I'm not the kind to stick around too long
I warned her that my heart was not for loving 
Yet she came so close to prove my heart was wrong 
In years to come, I hope she might forgive me
And understand she nearly changed my mind
And with a smile she may remember sweetly
That in leaving I was only being kind 

Monday, October 3, 2016


No monster came to me at night
No scary creature called my name
Yet whispers from my nightmare world
Still speak a child's shame
When darkness covered everything 
Including who I came to fear
The boogieman with breath unclean
Seemed somehow very near
The gentle touch from fingers strong 
Remain upon my adult skin
The scars he left may not be seen 
But still they bleed within
So who I am I cannot like
As in the mirror him I see
The eyes that looked upon his child
Won't ever set me free