Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Beneath The Mask

If only i could find a way
To help me cope throughout the day
Without my mask for all to see
The ugliness bestowed on me
These eyes that i have grown to hate
This face i'd gladly mutilate 
So god himself won't recognize 
My mask, my face, my true disguise 
Yet under cover, my facade 
Of skin and bone this mess is made 
The mask itself protecting me 
From those that wish to see

House Of Pain

I built a house upon a hill
A little place to get my thrill
All visitors that dared to come
Would be my kick, my bit of fun
I had the hooks to hang them high 
I'd bleed their bodies till they dry
And sharpened knives would glint and shine 
Within this killers morbid shrine 
Screams would echo through the halls 
But no one hears the victims calls
Just those who came not seen again 
Could understand the house of pain 
And in this shack upon the hill 
It's guaranteed that blood will spill 
As I'm the landlord, ghoul and host 
And murder is what i like most

Monday, June 26, 2017

A Little Room For Me

I wondered where you went to
I looked but you weren't there
I thought that i might follow
But with thought i didn't dare
I ask that you might listen 
I was blind and couldn't see 
My prayer is you might try to find 
A little room for me

I threw myself in darkness 
Found the place called Babylon 
Not knowing of the hurt I'd find
Believing it was fun
I've worked hard for redemption 
Packed my bags so i could flee 
And I'm asking you to try and leave
A little room for me

My lies were only mortal 
Now stains I've left behind 
A lifetime spent deceiving 
Now seeks for peace of mind
I've thrown away my hatred 
From sins i've broken free 
And all i need to know is there
A little room for me

I've called your name a thousand times
Yet not heard your reply
I've gazed at every shining star 
Not one has caught my eye
Amidst this vast eternal 
I hope there just might be
A chance that you have saved a space
A little room for me


I fell into the shadows like a meeting of lost friends 
I wrapped around the darkness as if trying to make amends 
At home amidst the silence, i felt safe within this place 
My arms in search for someone there in need of my embrace 
No gods or angels, only demons, summoned in their call 
They promised they would catch me if i had the strength to fall 
Then suddenly a light appeared, it sought to set me free 
As if somebody cared about the fate bestowed on me
I took a moment, thinking that if i should leave my pain
I may not have the darkness to protect me once again 

Your Pedestal

I sat on your pedestal waiting
Keeping it safe while you're gone
So high was its glory, my skin of milk white 
Was scorched by the heat of the sun 
Nobody noticed me waiting
They walked by without any care
Yet they'd have all stopped if i wasn't up here
And you were the one sitting there
I never intended to trade you
I thought i was being a friend  
But where are you now when i need your return
So I am then free to descend
The seasons have changed since you left me
The tides turned to salt from my tears 
And yet i remain here just waiting
Your promise of days became years 

Summer Lady

I watched my woman naked
As god designed at birth
I witnessed all her beauty 
No other on this earth 
She looked at me and smiled
Then held out her bare hand
What happened next is sacred
I hope you understand

And with that secret over
I held her to my chest
Our hearts they beat together 
My love for her expressed 
I heard her breathing softly 
And caught her breath in mine 
She wrapped her arms around me
And two would then entwine 

We gazed out through the window 
The moon was hanging high 
Stars of ancient glory 
Sprinkled on the sky 
And when i found her sleeping 
In crumpled sheets she dressed 
I felt so very special 
And never been more blessed 

The morning brought a new day 
And summer filled the air
I smiled down at my lady 
And brushed aside her hair
I kissed her ever gentle 
As every kiss should be 
Then laid back down beside her 
And held her tenderly 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Chasms Of Despair

The shadows keep on calling me
I look but no ones there
The whispers they continue still
From chasms of despair 
They tell me that they're waiting
My end is overdue 
I only need to have the faith
To help them pull me through