Thursday, December 29, 2016


Fuck it... I don't really care
You've never been here and you never were there
I take it you think that you're better than me
But at least I broke out and I set myself free
It seems that I'm nothing, not even a brother
We don't even know what we mean to each other
So I'll just carry on with my journey alone
As I'm used to this life on my own 

Monday, December 12, 2016

My Brightest Star

You always do amaze me
No matter from how far
Whatever be the distance
I turn and there you are
When every other falls behind
It's you remaining here
You are the brightest of my stars
Diminishing my fear
You shine within my darkest hours
A candle burning bright
You are my hope when all seems lost
My star. My love. My light 

Monday, December 5, 2016

The Veil

 There is only a veil between us 
Yet it keeps us a whole world apart
I've been so close that i've sensed your tears
Felt the sorrow within your heart
I've longed to be reunited 
For this veil to gracefully fall
Then you will find that i never left
And I wasn't that far at all 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Twelve Days Of Christmas

 On the twelfth day of Christmas 
The sky was turning black
The winter wind began to blow
Its chill upon my back

On the eleventh day of Christmas 
I watched some children play
The snow they threw while laughing
Made a winter scene clique

On the tenth day of Christmas 
A beggar raised his hand
I gave a word of sympathy 
He didn't understand

On the ninth day of Christmas 
A choir sang aloud
But no one even listened
They were lost within the crowd

On the eighth day of Christmas
The bells began to chime
Celebrating something
From a long forgotten time

On the seventh day of Christmas
The shops were nearly clear
While many would awake with gifts
Some would wake with fear

On the sixth day of Christmas 
The bombs began to fall
Beneath the pile of rubble 
Was a frightened child's call

On the fifth day of Christmas
While gun shots filled the air
Others wrapped their presents 
Not a thought and not a care

On the fourth day of Christmas
The wine began to pour
While blood flowed freely somewhere else
In someone else's war

On the third day of Christmas 
A star hung in the sky
But no one even noticed 
What it came to signify 

On the second day of Christmas
While many mourned their dead
Crackers pulled, exploded
And the corny jokes were read

On the first day of Christmas 
The celebration starts
Before you fill your stomachs 
Take the time to fill your hearts 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

One To All

If i could write one thing that had meaning
And if just one single person took the time
So from that one, who may turn to another
Telling this dream that had started as mine
Maybe the words of another could go further
All that it takes is someone to listen in
Spreading the love that had come from stranger
Then peace may at last soon begin
And from a thought, we could all come together
We could be one, and isn't that hard to do
All that it takes, is a friend and believer
And that could be them. That could be us. That could be me... And you

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Lucy's Breakdown

A woman by the name of Lucy looked within the mirror, that was cracked from many punches from her scarred and shaking fist.
The cracks themselves reminded her of arteries that she had sought, but somehow every razor cut had gone astray and missed.
She gazed into her eyes and it had come as no surprise, to find mascara trails that smudged her face from bitter fallen tears.
And once again she stood there, with another coming breakdown. And this mirror was the only place where she could face her fears.
A smiled came from nowhere, and it brought with it an overwhelming urge to fall apart and let the darkness in again.
Lucy held her head in hands, but nothing now could stop her as she felt herself disintegrate within her world of pain.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


My fingertips upon your neck will let you know I'm here
Bringing only comfort and a sign to never fear
Whenever you might call me I shall not be far away
As I will be beside you through the night and through the day 

One Little Blow

I feel so tired I just want to die
Close shut my eyes... Not a word of goodbye
Just drift away quietly, let everything go
Like dandelion fairies with one little blow

The light that I had it now struggles to shine
And darkness appears in the eyes that are mine
This flickering candle shall snuff out its glow
And my life will be over with one little blow  


When my body works no more
Please say a little prayer for me
Then up the window wide
And set my spirit free 

Spirit Woman

I placed myself in front of her...
And looked at her and fell in love as I had done a million times for sure
I watched her as she sat... and I was mesmerised 
But then again...
So scared to see another side that I'd not seen before
She slipped into a calming trance
No drug fuelled beat or need to dance 
Just supple change in structure bringing spirit to her face
Contortion overwhelming, now a stranger sat before me 
Where the woman I adore had been within that very place
His breathing from her lips rolled deep
He'd woken from his passing sleep
His door had been unlocked and she had been the spirits key
I asked her "Please come back" and soon she opened up her eyes
Before returning to the woman who had proved herself to me 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Scapegoat

I came here as a healer, yet you wouldn't let me heal
I had a hope of teaching you a different way to feel
You never understood me 
So you didn't understand 
That my coming here was something that was planned 

If only you had listened, when I asked you "Follow me"
In places you were lost, you could have never been more free
And when the darkness gathered
You were left there all alone
My coming here was meant to bring you home

And even now I've passed away, and time has passed you by
You never wondered who I was, or why I had to die!
Although I never mattered
I was always standing near
And if you choose to find me... I am here!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Little Earth Prayer

I lay down and wait........ Until not a sound
Placing my face on the cold of the ground
Then whisper my feelings to earth and below
My words sink deep...
Absorbing my chant...
Downward and downward these little words go
They echo in caverns 
Repeating like drips
The love in the words that had spilled from my lips
Now seeping through hollows 
To heal and repair
Reciting my little earth prayer 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Broken Children

My old man he wasn't much
But had the loudest laugh in town
Him a father? Not as such 
He'd turn my whole world upside down
His eyes like mine the colour blue
Were passed to him and then to me
But on my birth, or my debut 
A different world I'd see
The horrors that would come my way
I'd store them somewhere deep inside
But on occasions, like a play
They did not want to hide
And in my nightmares standing there
The very ghoul that I would fear
Would laugh out loud without a care
And whisper in my ear
"Hush little baby don't you cry
Nobody cares if you live or die"
Then laughter fills the room with dread
The room of fear within my head
The sheets I'd pull around me tight
While through the darkness shadows crept 
No comfort in the black of night
Where broken children slept

Friday, October 7, 2016

I Wonder If She'll Miss Me Come Tomorrow?

I wonder if she'll miss me come tomorrow?
Or feel the kiss I left her, with a sigh
I guess she'll never know, that when I quietly closed the door
I wiped away a teardrop from my eye
I know that she'll be strong, and she'll get over me
She'd never let her friends know of her pain
She'll smile and just pretend I'd never mattered
I'm hoping that she'll fall in love again
I'd told her from the start that I'd be leaving
That I'm not the kind to stick around too long
I warned her that my heart was not for loving 
Yet she came so close to prove my heart was wrong 
In years to come, I hope she might forgive me
And understand she nearly changed my mind
And with a smile she may remember sweetly
That in leaving I was only being kind 

Monday, October 3, 2016


No monster came to me at night
No scary creature called my name
Yet whispers from my nightmare world
Still speak a child's shame
When darkness covered everything 
Including who I came to fear
The boogieman with breath unclean
Seemed somehow very near
The gentle touch from fingers strong 
Remain upon my adult skin
The scars he left may not be seen 
But still they bleed within
So who I am I cannot like
As in the mirror him I see
The eyes that looked upon his child
Won't ever set me free

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Heaven and Woman Combined

There she was, more beautiful than anything I had ever seen
Maybe she was some kind of fantasy that I'd conjured up in a dream 
It seemed that everything that surrounded her, had no right to be there
Even the flowers that scented the breeze were not able to touch or compare 
Her smile was a crescent. Her eyes were azure, against skin that was whiter than snow
(And as pure)
She was perfectly fragile 
Uniquely refined 
She was heaven and woman combined 

Friday, September 9, 2016


When I look at her I'm mesmerised 
I fall into her deep pool eyes
And swim towards her very soul
Where choirs sing and church bells toll
Her breath is like the morning air
Silk cascades through her Raven hair
The beat that plays within her heart
Her masterpiece... My work of art
And on her lips, a lovers kiss
No ocean could compare with this
I'm dragged toward her calmer shore
To overflow once more 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


A seed becomes a sapling, then transform into a tree
A baby once became a boy, that boy grew into me
Arms and branches both have reached towards a brighter sky
It seems a tree in many ways is much the same as I

Friday, August 26, 2016

A Kiss Farewell

"I'll not come to your room" she said
"I'll not come through your door
I'll not be made a fool again
Or treated like a whore"

Said I "But I do love you and if you should come to me
I'll hold you tightly in my arms and treat you tenderly"

"I'll not lay in your bed" said she
"I shall not comfort thee
No longer will I wake with you
Alone then you shall be"

Said I "But in the morning I shall whisper in your ear
And tell you all the lovely things that you have longed to hear"

"I'll not believe a word" she said 
"You'll use me as before
And come the morning with the sun 
Not want me anymore"

Said I "Tomorrow my ship sails and I may not return
Of all the women left behind it's you that I shall yearn"

"I'll say farewell to you" said she
And leave you with this kiss
So over seas and under stars 
You can then reminisce"

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Marriage

I asked her if she'd marry me
She said "I have nothing to lose
My body wears these tattered clothes
My feet walk in these broken shoes"
Said I "If you should say I do
I'll give my life, my very heart"
Said she "I'll love as best I can
At least till death tears us apart"
She married me and as my wife
She gave me children, two in all
Our daughter she was born one spring
Our son arrived in fall 
They were our joy and as they grew
I looked at her with some surprise
As she was gazing back at me
With teardrops in her eyes
I asked her "Have I pleased you?
Since the day you said you'd be my wife
You've never said you love me
'Though we've shared a lovely life"
Said she "I once had nothing
And no money ever came our way
But you gave what you promised
And I'll not regret that day"
When years had passed and death was near
We lay upon our wedding bed
She called me closer, whispered
And her final words were said
"I've loved you from our very start
It took this long to realise 
That when death does tear us apart
True love never dies"
I kissed her as she passed away
Her dying breath she'd left with me
I told her "Don't go too far now
I'll soon be there with thee"
Everyday from then and on
I felt her standing at my side
My true love never far away
Embraced me when I died

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pretty Little Kate

'Twas on the day her mother died that something hidden deep inside
Would alter everything that had been pretty little Kate
No more then was the blonde haired girl, who was her mothers world
She'd transformed into black to match the colour of her hate 
At night she'd take a razor blade and grip with fingers good and tight
And drag it over tender skin upon concealed arms
It wasn't pain she sort but rather anything that eased her thoughts
And blood was what it took to keep her tortured spirit calm
The first cut wasn't deep enough, she pressed a little harder 
But not enough to chip the bone or nerves to aggravate 
When the blood came pouring it released the inner demons 
That dwelled inside the complex world of pretty little Kate
The bloody cross upon her, reminded her of Sunday's 
She slashed again across the cross, so crossing out the cross
The razor blade fell to the floor, the blood began to flow some more
And she decided that enough was spilled to compensate her loss
Every night would be the same; she'd walk the dirty darker streets
Where men would come with money and to spread unknown disease 
She'd risk her life in alleyways with strangers looking down on her
Many times she'd thought to bite whist down upon her knees
On her journey home where she would walk the streets alone 
The hours of her painful day would always finish late
No one waited home for her and no one even cared 
As she was not the girl who once was known as pretty little Kate

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Rescue Me

You can come into my dreams dear
You may come search my darker rooms 
You and me... We shall be
Forever in these vast catacombs 
Call my name
I hide no shame
Seek me out and please try to find
Rescue me
From this tragedy 
I'm lost and hopelessly blind

Bring with you a sword dear 
Protect me from the demons you may see
Don't run away... Or they'll surely stay 
For the rest of eternity 
Save your prayer 
Just find me there
Reach into the darkness and please take my hand 
Rescue me
From this agony 
I'm lost and taken all I can stand

Strike yourself a light dear
Hold it high so that I might see
Burn for me. Eternally 
Only you can set me free 
In the dark
You are the spark
The light that can lead me away
Rescue me
From this catastrophe 
Turn my nightmares into our day 

Monday, August 22, 2016

An Alternative Ending

She walked across the floor towards the freedom of the door 
With flashbacks of his face before she'd hit him on the head
Upon the floor the blood had dried. No sorrow, she'd not even cried
In fact she gave a smile when she had seen the bastard dead
She breathed in stale cigarettes; stubbed out in many ashtrays
Reminding her of breath that he had spat out in her face
Her chosen weapon by his side, his skull with which it did collide
Was now a simple iron that she put back in its place
She looked at him a moment and she tried hard to remember 
So long ago she'd loved this vile thing upon the floor
The man who lay there quite with no threats to steal her confidence 
Would not now hold her back as she walked freely out the door

An Ending

She moved just like a glazier set adrift on freezing water
She had much to tell and yet no words came dripping from her tongue 
It seemed her heart had melted, 'though until this very moment
She was not prepared to live a life where she did not belong 
I stood before her, smiled, as if her tears had never mattered 
Standing on the drops that soaked the linoleum floor 
I built a barricade of sorts, my body was a wall
In which it's structure stood between her and the freedom of the door
I took her by the wrist, I felt her tremble and resist
Before I held her hand upon my heart so she could feel my fear
I found it hard to breathe but found it harder to believe 
That we had lived so long within this atmosphere  
I longed for her to kiss me but her head just turned away
As though I wasn't even worthy anymore 
This barricade fell easily with just a single glance 
I moved aside and sadly watched her as she flowed out of the door

Sunday, August 14, 2016


If only I could show you all the things you cannot see
Like scars that I have hidden on the darker side of me
The cuts that tell a story of a life you do not know
Where only in a mirror is my tragedy on show
I wonder would you want me if you saw the real truth?
The razor tracks that I disguise that hold the very proof
From when I needed only pain to help me through a day
The hurt that dwells inside me never seems to go away
And if I let you closer would you understand my pain
Or would you break what others broke in pieces once again?
I wonder would you turn your back and simply disappear?
As that is what I've grown to dread and most of all I fear

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Clown

The broken hearted love sick clown
Wore his smile upside down
The audience all laughed at him
Although he knew not why!
He looked upon the happy crowd
And shouted out his thoughts aloud
"I cannot take this pain much more...
And I just want to die!"
He climbed the ladder high... then higher
Put a foot upon the wire
Stumbled out and walked the tightrope 
Looking down on all
The audience they stared
Upon the clown who had prepared
To stop the laughter and the heartache with his fall

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Friends are just ghosts from a moment in time
Part of this life (or this pantomime) 
Some only "Bit Parts" that breeze on through
Others through storms are still loyal and true
Years are the tests for the ones who were real
Those with a feeling of how you might feel
Others just cling to a desperate past
From a time within time not intended to last
When friends who were friends are not friends anymore
It shows that they weren't friends before 

Friday, June 10, 2016

In Spirit

The white man came to our land
He would not leave us alone
We prayed but he demanded
But he terrorised our home
Our buffalo he slaughtered 
Our trees he brought to ground
No singing filled these meadows 
Just the gun fires deafening sound
And the white man he grew stronger
With his guns he won, says he!
He put our land in shackles 
This land no longer free
So our blood enriched these soils
And our spirits filled the air
The White man says he killed us
Yet we are forever there 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Different View

Sometimes, you just have to turn on it. Raise the finger... Not give a shit. Do whatever the "normal" don't. Go wherever the others won't. If you feel like you don't belong, then take a chance on the labelled "Wrong" As what's bad for them may be right for you... So try out a different view

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Avalokiteśvara. Ten worlds high. Watching and listening from a far distant sky. Prayers that are worthy shall be answered with love. As the god of compassion looks down from above