Thursday, December 28, 2017

Black And White

The black man has his problems
His skin his only fate
The white man in his ignorance 
Is troubled with his hate
Yet neither one will take the time
To look at each within
And see the only difference
Is the colour of their skin

If each could only understand
That people are the same
That each and every one of them
Is just as much to blame
This hatred for another
Is a choice YOU came to choose 
And if the feelings mutual 
Then the both of you will lose

No need for segregation 
As each one of us is free
Just open up your eyes 
And maybe one of you will see
That every man is equal 
And each one deserves the right 
To walk upon this sacred earth
No matter black or white 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

New Years Day

New years day is nearly here
The bells shall ring, the crowds will cheer
As fireworks ignite the sky
The last year ends upon a high
Songs we'll sing in jubilation 
Carried over ever nation 
Kisses, hugs, and joyful laughter 
Happy ever fucking after
Least until those bells stop ringing 
With the cease of all the singing
Back to war and people dying
Families butchered, children crying
What is it you celebrate?
A world that's usually full of hate!
New year day is just a farce
So stick it up your arse

Monday, December 25, 2017

The Insignificant Death Of Nobody - A short story from the other side

It was a strange death. Quite fitting for a man who hated life. It would be three days, seven hours and exactly fifty three seconds until my decomposing body was found. During that time, i had enjoyed the silence. Except for those damn crows that perched on a nearby fence, frustrated that they where unable to tuck into the bounty they smelled drifting from a window left ajar. On my death bed, i rested at last. Nobody came to bang on my door. The phone didn't ring once. It was as if i had never existed, but that suited me fine. I had no friends as such. No partner, as i was unloveable. No children. No job. No car. I was alone in that world, an outcast of pretty much everything. Life was a burden to me. It seemed to enjoy draining everything that was ever good. So my final breath whispered the words  "Fuck you" in an attempt to have the last insult. I'm not sure it worked though, as death has a way of having the last laugh, and i swear i heard someone say "No, fuck you!" just before my heart exploded in my chest. 
Being so negative in life only made death a breeze. When one has no respect for living, then he can only welcome his end, because death is the only one sure thing in life. As a child, i once watched a butterfly crawl out from its cocoon. I marveled at the beautiful creature that emerged, and touched its wings with the tip of my finger. It felt like velvet, and life was quite literally at my fingertips. The butterfly flew for the first time, hovering above my head for a second, before colliding straight into a cobweb. The resident spider dashed out, grabbed the butterfly, and then rewrapped it in a cocoon of silk. Death has no remorse, but in life, we are drenched in it.
My funeral was of little interest. Although there were a few familiar faces. None of which knew me, or cared for that matter. Some people have to show up at these occasions, as they feel the inner hope that they once had a friend. Now gone, the funeral is only for their benefit, so that other people will now feel sorry for them at the tragic loss of a loved one. The service was simple. Songs i never knew. Prayers that spoke of things that in death i knew were untrue. I was in limbo. In a state of nothingness. No white light. No gathering of ancestors to greet me. No steps to ascend, or pits to fall into oblivion. It was all a lie! And the only truth about it was, well, that stays a secret, because i can't fucking tell anybody about it now I'm dead. 
If i could live my life over, would i change anything? I don't think i would, because now i know that everything i ever did in life was bullshit. In life i saved up and bought things that i believed treasures, only these treasures turned out to be another persons junk. The important things cannot be recycled. There is no peace without war. There is no love without hate. Every positive has a negative. And every life has a death. So why would i change a life when the outcome would be exactly the same.
I didn't feel the flames as they turned me to ash. My body had be abandoned. I just watched the thing ignite, burn, and then collapse like an unfurnished, derelict home. I sat and listened to the preacher with his blah blah blah. Then it was over. My life, my miserable fucking life, now a pile of ash. Ash to be tipped somewhere for any passerby to trample over and not even know i was there. 
Life sucks... And i wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I was once like that butterfly. Struggling to be beautiful, only to be tethered in a world that didn't like me. Now i walk amongst you, without restraint. I am nothing or nobody. I am free.

The End

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Thief

Oh how you tempt me
With breath i could capture 
Your kisses to steal 
And not know of my guilt 
A heart to break into 
And remain there forever 
A prisoner always 
With no shame for his crime 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

All Of This Is Yours Today

Do you remember laughing
When you thought you had it all 
You made a fool of everyone 
Before your own downfall 
Lets see you crack a smile 
In the world you haven't been 
It's funny how afraid you look
Not shielded by your screen 
Here is all our hatred 
Here is where you stand today 
Here is all our anger 
All of this is yours today

Many times i saw you
With that smirk upon your face 
You wore it like a trophy won 
From being a disgrace 
And now you stand here trembling 
Like man without his pride 
But here there is no place to run 
There is no place to hide
Here is all our hatred 
Here is where you stand today 
Here is all our anger 
All of this is yours today

Once you were a big shot 
Now you walk amongst the hurt
And soon you'll know just how it feels 
To crawl upon the dirt 
No pity for the joker then
Who thought he was a king
You cannot buy forgiveness 
When you don't own anything
Here is all our hatred 
Here is where you stand today 
Here is all our anger 
All of this is yours today
Here is all your hatred 
Here is where you stand today 
Here is all the anger 
All of this is yours today

Friday, November 24, 2017

The Child You Never Knew

I never felt a fathers smile
On the day that i was born 
I didn't know the fear of you 
Of that, i wasn't shown 
The years went by, and still...
I'd hadn't held a fathers hand
But now the father that i am
Will never understand
For here i was, your new born son 
A fathers pride and joy 
Did you ever see, the good in me 
Your little baby boy 
Now here i am, that child a man 
A man that's proud and true 
And nothing, that i've done in life 
Is any thanks to you
Yet now I'm old, i find myself
Forgiving you at last 
As somethings changed within my heart 
Your hurt is long my past 
And if you hear, i even thank you 
For all you didn't do 
As here i stand, a better man 
The child you never knew 
My children, they are beautiful 
In truth, i have to say 
Without you, i'd have never had
The joy that came my way  
And one day, in the years ahead 
I will meet you once again 
And i will stand before you
As a son without your shame 
As your neglect was pitiful 
Yet made the man in me 
And all the things you never were
Was what i came to be 

I Never Dreamed (I Would Love You)

I never dreamed, i would love you
I never thought that, i could care 
Then when i looked, at the world i didn't like
That's when i found you, hiding there 
You were the sun, that was shining 
You were the rain that, fell on me 
Seems that whichever way, i might turn to 
You are the one thing, that i see 
And now that i have, fallen for you
And now at last, i find you here 
Not seeing you in, each direction 
Is the one sure thing, that i fear 
Do you then mind, if i tell you 
However hard, this is to say 
Baby, i beg that, you don't leave me
Promise me you won't, go away 
Stay with me now, and...  then forever 
Keep me in your heart, if you can 
I would be nothing, without you darlin'
Left just a broken, drunken man 
As I never dreamed, i would love you 
I never thought that, i could care 
Until i searched the places, no one else had been
That's where i found you, hiding there  

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Home Shall Remain

How can a father let his children go?
Leave their hands... Let them grow 
What will become of them? He might not know
But he must let them go

How does a father say the words good-bye  
See their eyes... Watch them cry
Not knowing all the simple wheres or why
Quickly the years flew by

What does he do to make them understand 
This is not, as he planned 
He never dreamed that he'd let go their hand 
No longer in command 

Now that they've gone and he is all alone 
Home no longer, feels like home 
Gone with the wind his little birds have flown 
Life's journey now their own

But here in his heart... 
They've no need to fear
As home shall remain... Right here 

Sweet Summer Song

When the leaves fell in autumn, and scattered the ground 
They colored the grass in their reds and their browns 
While the sun still shone brightly, through the chill of the air
The trees standing barren, striped naked and bare 

And the birds sang no more in the silence of day 
They had joined the migration, and flown far away
It was then that i missed them, as something felt wrong 
For what is this life without the sweetest of song? 
What is this life without the sweetest of song?

When the rain began falling from clouds in the sky 
A teardrop of sadness escaped from my eye
I listened... but nothing, was all i could hear
I looked up above but the sky was still clear

The birds sang no more in the silence of day 
They had joined the migration, and flown far away
It was then that i missed them, as something felt wrong 
For what is this life without the sweetest of song? 
What is this life without the sweetest of song? 

The wind came a-calling and whistled out loud 
It blew out the rain and removed every cloud 
But the skies remained empty, there was nothing at all
No orchestra played from the creatures so small

'Fore the birds sang no more in the silence of day 
They had joined the migration, and had flown far away
It was then that i missed them, as something felt wrong 
For what is this life without the sweetest of song? 
What is this life without the sweetest of song? 

Now the winter draws near, with its blanket of cold
Another year ends with another year old 
As i wait for the songs that this heart of mine yearns
I long for the spring when the singing returns 

When the birds sing their songs in the warmth of the day 
Back home from the place, where they flew far away
That time when i missed them, when something felt wrong 
For what is this life without their sweet summer song? 
What is this life without their sweet summer song?

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Fall Apart

I see her fall apart...
But there is nothing i can do to ease her pain
I'm too ashamed that she has come undone by me again 
She smashes everything at hand
She claws the badly painted walls
I want to reach out to her 
And catch her as she falls

But all i do is watch her 
As she screams out something i can't hear
Her words they flow so freely but they somehow disappear 
The shadows they drip everywhere 
I call her name but she's not there 
Her eyes... Just look at me and stare

And then she rushes up to me
I pull her closely to my chest 
Her heart beats heavy next to mine beneath her trembling breast 
She cries upon my shoulder
Like this pain she feels is something new 
And then she catches me 
Before i fall to pieces too 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Old Joe

Old Joe pulled the wagon forward
Pots went jangle on its side 
Little children tucked up warmly 
Rocked to sleep upon the ride 
Old Joe's hooves kept steady rhythm 
Through the lonely lanes ahead 
Up above the sunset settled 
Turning sky a shade of red
Old Joe, ever faithful leading
Vardo wheels roll close behind 
Come the morning he can rest 
His harness they will then unbind 
Old Joe free to wander meadows 
Underneath the new days sun
Family safe at destination 
Old Joe's work now done

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

You Are...

Not a day goes by i don't think of you 
I close my eyes... You are in my view 
Your flowing hair and your eyes so bright 
You're my guiding star, my eternal light 
You're the moon, You're the sun, You're the universe 
You're the ocean deep, in which i immerse 
You are heaven itself, as the angels sing 
You're the beat of my heart... You are everything 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Tales Of Old

Come gather round my children
This campfires burning bright 
I'll tell you of our history 
As smoke turns into night 
It's all about the old days 
When life was fancy free
These tales of old, long in the past 
My father told to me
He would sit beside the fire
With his pipe held in his hand...
And drift away to places seldom seen 
And he'd tell the tales of old
Through the hardships and the cold
And he'd take us to the places he had been 

Back then the roads we travelled 
In caravans and horse 
We'd leave the last place in our tracks
And move with no remorse 
My father lead the way
With his family close behind 
A better place in fields ahead
He had the skills to find
Then he'd sit beside the fire
With his pipe held in his hand...
And drift away to places seldom seen 
And he'd tell the tales of old
Through the hardships and the cold
And he'd take us to the places he had been

When winter snows were falling 
We'd settle through the storm 
My father told me at this time 
Was when his son was born 
And like the troubled winds 
That blew from overhead 
"You'll travel with them endlessly" 
Is what my father said
As he sat beside the fire
With his pipe held in his hand...
Where he'd drift away to places seldom seen 
And he'd tell the tales of old
Through the hardships and the cold
And he'd take us to the places he had been

My mother did the chores 
And my sisters helped her cook 
I helped my father build the camp
Fetched water from the brook
We sat and ate our meals 
By the fire 'most every night
And listened to the tales of old
Beneath the pale moonlight
We would sit beside the fire
Watch the pipe held in his hand...
And drift away to places seldom seen 
As he'd tell the tales of old
Through the hardships and the cold
And he'd take us to the places he had been

One day you'll tell your children
These stories you have heard 
You'll tell them of the gypsy way
As in your fathers word
So get yourselves to bed now
This day is nearly done 
We're on the road come morning 
With the rising of the sun
Let me sit beside the fire 
With my pipe held in my hand... 
And drift away to places seldom seen 
Go dream the tales of old 
There are new ones to be told
When i take you to the places i have been 


When i had turned just sixteen 
I headed out alone
I'd come in search of someplace 
Where i could call a home 
I took a night boat ferry 
And i headed over sea
I'd never travelled in my life
But a traveller i would be

The ferry docked in England 
And i stepped upon this land 
With nothing but a suitcase 
And a little hope in hand 
I got on board my first train 
And hurtled 'long the track 
My journey heading northwards 
There was no turning back

I made my way through cities 
Saw buildings standing tall 
I read the many slogans 
On the sides of every wall 
The grey became more greener
And i knew that i was here 
The clouds that journeyed with me 
Seemed to fade then disappear 

Arriving there in Yorkshire 
Where my destination ends 
I soon could rest my weary head 
Amongst my new found friends 
They welcomed me as stranger 
Like folks of Yorkshire do
And showed me all its beauty 
In a land forever true 

And living in the rose was where i'd longed for all along 
A place where i was welcome and a land where i belonged 
My heart would take her in...  Just like an old and faithful friend 
And she will stay right there within me till the end 

I walked the dales many times 
I'd climb the highest hills
As smoke poured from the factories 
And red brick dressed the mills 
I'd marvel at her beauty 
And fall in love with her 
The "home" within my thankful heart 
Is how i would refer 

I grew up in her glory 
She'd comfort me at night 
But inside i felt something deep
A feeling i must right
And with her endless blessing 
She showed me i was free
She'd turned a boy into a man
And all he came to be

Many years had passed by
And i packed my bags to leave 
To my rose i'd say goodbye 
Without her i would grieve 
I headed southwards hurting
To my birthplace i'd return 
But never does a day go by
For her i do not yearn 

And living in the rose was where i'd longed for all along 
A place where i was welcomed and a land where i belonged 
My heart would take her with me.... like an old and faithful friend 
And she will stay right here within me till the end...  
She will stay right here within me till the end 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Twinkle Twinkle little star
I will shoot you from afar 
Aim my arrows one by one 
Pierce the moon and spear the sun 
When you fall from out the sky 
One by one you're sure to die 
Leaving only darkness here 
As light will disappear 

True Love

I said that i could die for you
Though i did not say i would 
But you've hurt me one too many times 
So maybe now i should
Is that what you expect from me?
Would that be your desire?
To hang right here in front of you
And dangle from this wire

You said that you'd do anything 
You said you loved me so 
You'd walk through hell and back again
So that's where you should go
It's not that i don't love you dear
I'm just so hard to please 
So i'll mutter a little player for you
While I'm down here on my knees 

I'll not forgive you handsome one 
I've loved you oh so long 
And with every step on this ladder high
I will curse you every rung
This wire i shall wrap around 
And jump so you shall see 
You'll never find a truer love
Who will please as much as me

I'll sit and watch you darlin'
And marvel as you sway 
As love has never meant so much
Until this fucking day 
Please leave your eye's wide open dear
So that you might see me cry 
As i'll love you now forevermore
Of that i'll not deny 

I'll sway for you forever dear
I'll haunt you as you sleep
And drown you in my flowing tears 
This promise i shall keep
And when you join me once again 
Our love shall always be
Together we will walk through hell
For all eternity 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Man From Nowhere

I heard the wind a-screaming 
Like a dog caught on a barbed wire fence 
A howling that could chill the soul 
A crying so intense 
I pulled my coat around me 
But i couldn't keep the freezing wind
From rattling my bones and penetrating my defense 
And so i travelled endlessly 
The moon my only shelter 
As i made my way to anywhere 
Amidst this bastard storm 
And then the rain came pissing down 
I thought that i was sure to drown 
The rain it gathered round my head 
Like insects in a swarm 
The mud beneath my aching feet 
It seemed to drag me down beneath
Like demons clawing at me
From the dense and sticky soil 
I battled with those demons and i left them in my footprints
As this journey was becoming more 
A sacrificial toil
I never found nirvana 
But i found a place to rest my head 
The storm it blew a farewell kiss and died without a fight
And when i woke up screaming it was obvious 
That nothing changed 
Today i had to struggle with the hot unholy light 
The sun it was a-beating down 
It scorched much like the fires of hell 
And so i travelled on and on 
With still no place to dwell 
This story does not have an end 
It's just about a man from nowhere 
So i say goodbye to you
My one and only friend 

Johnny, Dear Johnny

Johnny, dear Johnny, since you sailed away 
Now a year, seven months and a day 
But your ship it has not yet returned 
Though my heart it has hungered and yearned 

Oh Johnny, dear Johnny, my only true love
Do you see me in stars high above?
How i've prayed on those nights all alone
For the wind to blow you back home 

Johnny, dear Johnny, I've cried every day
From the moment you drifted away 
You remained with me here in my heart 
Though the tides have kept us apart

Oh Johnny, dear Johnny, the sea is so deep 
Like the promise you swore you would keep 
On this shore I'll be waiting for you 
For your sails to come into view 

Johnny, dear Johnny, did you die in the waves?
Did you and your crew meet their watery graves?
As the sea and the breeze seem to whisper goodbyes 
Bringing sadness and tears to my eyes 

Oh Johnny, dear Johnny, please come back to me
Then become the husband you promised to be
Don't leave me alone for another day more 
And honor that promise you swore 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Crimson Bed

There's nothing in this crimson bed
Just stains of past from love long dead
No warmth to wrap around me tight 
To cease the chill that comes with night
And in this cold and crimson bed 
No dreams come to my weary head 
Just nightmares that reflect my pain 
Again, again, again, again 
And in this crimson bed i sleep 
I gave my soul the lord to keep
Incase the morning i don't wake 
An angel i may never make
There's nothing in this crimson bed
Just stains from times in which i've bled 
The only time I'm ever warmed
Is when those stains are formed 


I fall
Like a penny flipped 
On its descent 
Tumbling downwards 
Lost just like that penny spent 
Unsure if i'll rise again
Just falling, falling 
Down i go 
Will i land 
Or keep on falling 
Only time shall know 


The light cascaded beautifully 
Upon the silk sheet bed 
The candle threw its shadows 
On the wall above her head 
She looked much like a sculpture 
With her features all on show 
Exuberant and unrestrained 
Amidst the candles glow 
Her eyes were so magnificent 
Like jewels not yet discovered 
Yet here she lay in full display 
The greatest gift uncovered 
And then the slightest breath beside me
Proves that she is real
As never could a dream express
The love in which i feel

The Visitors

I'm gonna tell you my story... 
Well it's more a heinous crime
It all started with a woman 
Who i swore forever mine 
I followed her one evening 
Where she disappeared from view 
Confirming my suspicions 
All the accusations true 

I waited under lamplight 
And if you listen to me friend 
You may understand my reason 
It's not hard to comprehend 
I watched her walk back out the door 
And scurry through the night 
I had a cigarette to calm my nerves 
Until the time was right 

Well i crept through that door 
Much like a thief... You understand! 
A knife clenched in the fingers 
Of my numb and steady hand 
I looked around the confides 
Of the small disheveled room 
I smelled the filthy stench of her
That cheap as her perfume 
Well he lay there in the crumpled sheets 
So satisfied and still 
Contented with betrayal 
And the cheapest form of thrill 
I stood there for a while 
Breathing silently and calm 
Remembering my visit here 
Was purely just to harm 

He didn't see me strike 
But saw the glint upon my blade 
I sat beside him on the bed 
And heard the noises that he made 
A gurgling of horror 
As his hands grasped at his throat 
His chances of survival 
Were increasingly remote
I sat awhile... Maybe more 
As i wanted him to see
The reason he was dying now
Was not the fault of me 
But that of course, his visitor 
The one who brought me here 
"And will be mine forevermore"
I whispered in his ear

I sneaked out from the doorway 
And lit another cigarette 
To satisfy the pleasure 
That all killers seem to get 
I headed home uncertain 
If i'd find her there at home 
But smiled upon returning
To see her lying all alone 
I curled up close and comfortable
She smelled so sweet, her skin was clean
She never even asked me where i was, or where i'd been 
I smiled at her with innocents, and saw excitement in her eyes 
Then made love to this angel in my devilish disguise 


I'm never sure about the cure 
A tablet seems to do more harm 
The damage caused unseen by all 
That drives you to the funny farm
I get on board its roller coaster 
Taken to its highs and lows 
Where it stops is so uncertain 
No one ever knows
Get on board and travel with me 
Through each bend and twisted turn
See how quickly you are pleading 
For a safe and soft return 
Still my problem goes unanswered 
Does the tablet ease the pain?
Or does that little pill I swallow
Make me more insane? 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

More Each Day

You know when we began 
The first time that i swam
To the bottle of your glass 
Those years have gone so fast
I dived into your depths 
Now i have nothing left
Just the friend i have in you 
And all you made me do 
I've cursed you many times 
I've witnessed all your crimes 
But i can't let you go 
I think somehow you know 
And when you are away
I miss you more each day 
On you i do depend 
My one and only friend 
At times i need you near 
At times it's you i fear 
What if you went away? 
Returned again someday 
I'd welcome you again 
Let you inflict your pain 
No matter what come may
I hate you more each day 
But then i take you in 
My one and only sin 
I wonder who's to blame? 
To you it's just a game 
The loser takes a fall
The gambler loses all 
I love you more each day 
No matter what i say 
I need you this I know 
So please don't ever go 
I don't know what i'd do...
Without you.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Let Me Come In

I'm standing at your doorway
Will you welcome me in? 
Excuse me of the life i've led 
I'm riddled with sin
I've begged you for forgiveness 
Shed my bones and my skin
Now I'm here my lord... let me come in 

I've always been a prisoner 
And never set free 
Were you the one who linked the chains 
Once tethering me?
A lifetime spent in hell 
When you could have turned the key
I'm here my lord... Let me be free

If you are the saviour
Let your candle shine bright
Guide me from darkest 
Take me out of this night 
Show me your halo
With its shimmering light
I'm here my lord... Help me ignite 

I'm standing at your doorway
Will you welcome me in? 
Excuse me of the life i've led 
And cleanse me of sin
I'm begging for forgiveness 
Is this where i begin?
I'm here my lord... let me come in 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Behind The Mask

I wear my mask, as it hides my face 
The ugly truth, my dark disgrace 
Without it, i can't stand to see 
The monster looking back at me 
And when my mask is pushed aside 
I have no place in which to hide
So face my demons all alone 
And hate the man who's shown 

World In Her Eyes

Look for the girl who holds the world in her eyes
Push back the hurt, let go your fears and your lies
Aim for her heart, be sure your target is true 
And here you'll find the words you already knew

So be kind, when you find
The one you've been searching for 
Don't be blind, your fates signed 
She's all you wanted and more 

Look for the girl who holds the stars in her eyes 
Push back the pain, unbind those fastening ties 
Be sure to tell her that you'll never let go 
And then she'll tell you all you needed to know

So be kind, when you find
The one you've been searching for 
Don't be blind, your fates signed 
She's all you wanted and more  

Look for the girl who holds the moon in her eyes
Push back the lows and concentrate on the highs
Then keep her near, nothing to fear, you'll know that she was the one
As in her eyes, you'll see the rise of the sun 

So be kind, when you find
The one you've been searching for 
Don't be blind, your fates signed 
She's all you wanted and more 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

True Heart

I know I'm not handsome 
And I've never been smart 
But if you look past my faults
You will find a good heart
A heart that is loyal
Its beat ever true
Its symphony played
Is inspired by you 
Well that might not seem much
But it's something that's real
And now that I've told you 
The way that i feel
Do you now see me different?
Do you like what i say?
Or should i silence the music 
The orchestras play

Friday, October 6, 2017


You wake up yawning, it's the morning 
Sunshine lights another day
You eat your breakfast, have a coffee
Everything's ok.
You start the car and drive to work
And do your duties well
The clock ticks slowly, nearly done
You're feeling pretty swell.
You drive on home, and have a shower
Then rustle up some grub 
You make a call to meet some friends 
Then hurry down the pub.
You have a drink, and then one more 
A laugh with your good friends 
Everything is perfect, well...
Of course that then depends.
You stagger from the local, unaware that something's wrong 
You sing out loud the lyrics from a jukebox favorite song 
You're nearly home, when suddenly, the car comes into view
It's driver paralytic, aims the vehicle at you.
There's nowhere you can run to, and there ain't nowhere to hide
The car screams ever nearer, and the tires start to slide
You never had a chance, yet if you'd woken feeling ill 
Fate would not have intervened, and you'd be living still.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

They All Hang In Here

They all hang in here...
Like baubles dangling from a christmas tree
Lifeless souls, reaching, screaming 
Calling out to me
When daylight turns to darkness
It's then that they appear 
Swinging in their death masks
Like a morbid chandelier 
The noose cuts deep within the flesh 
They stare with hollow eyes 
It seems that fear continues 
Long after someone dies 
They all hang in here...
On rope that binds them tight 
And yet...
They disappear like angels 
After switching on the light 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cry For You

All i can do is to cry for you
I haven't the courage to die for you
If i had the strength, then i just might do
But instead i'll just cry for you

Maybe i'll try say a prayer for you
A something in which i could swear to you
In words that were loyal, to pull you through 
But that is so hard to do

What if i told you i'd die for you!
Is that you're intention for me to do?
Be the ultimate sacrifice, strong and true 
But would you then cry for me?

Sunday, September 24, 2017


Moves, are merely distractions 
Eyes, only pools of lies
Souls, remain lost eternal 
Truth, is when someone dies 
Tears, tell of how we suffer 
Breath, is of some relief 
Death, becomes something sacred 
Love, is but false belief

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Fifty Shots Of Whiskey

I'm pissed and i am pissed off
But i ain't going down
Many think that one more drink 
This man is gonna drown 
I'm tanked up like a fucking tank, ready for a fight
And fifty shots of whiskey couldn't knock me out tonight

I'm lookin' for ya bastard 
You better run and hide 
You have a gang that's with you 
But the devil's at my side
My bark may slur a little, but this dog is gonna bite
And fifty shots of whiskey couldn't knock me out tonight

And when i find ya bastard
The bells of hell will ring 
I kid you not, it's gonna hurt
These fists are gonna swing 
I'll hit you with a left hook, then floor you with a right
And fifty shots of whiskey couldn't knock me out tonight 
Said fifty shots of whiskey couldn't knock me out tonight... Boom!