Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rhymes from the Rain

Only Gods Children Shine 

Only gods children shine...
Yet deep within this heart of mine
A kindled spark just wont ignite 
To catch and make me bright
In my darkness angels wait
To guide me from my destined fate
Their stained glass eyes refuse to see 
They will not fan the flame in me
So I travel down a darker road
And struggle with my heavy load
Yet... I just want to shine for you
Like all gods children do

Faith in Me 

I want to be the one to catch you...
Like I promised I'd always do
You who has put your faith in me
As if somehow you knew...
That I would be the one to be there
With these hands that would hold you tight
And so far in our existence 
Your believing in me has been right
But... what if I can't make it?
Due to failing eyes and health
How will I ever save you?
When I can't even save myself
But as long as you stand by me
And your shadow walks always with mine
I will do my very best to catch you
... Each and every time

Brighter Times

The sky had mentioned a light would shine my way
It said that if i looked above I'd see it on this day
I sat and asked the clouds if they might move aside awhile
They did and I said "thank you" and I gave my friends a smile
I gazed in silence waiting... and i waited even more
Where was this light of promise that I'd sat and waited for?
I lay on grass and wished the light be possible to see
And then I saw your smiling face just looking down at me
I understood right then that all I really had to do
Was when i needed brighter times... I need only look at you

A Good Day Begins...

A good day begins... As with everyday new
No matter the weather... when I'm close to you
The sun shines so brightly whenever you're near
Lighting my world  just because you are here
Your heart close to mine plays it's magical song
How can my world darken or ever go wrong!
As you are my strength and the lightening in me
By my side is the place where I want you to be
Just to witness your smile at the dawn of a day
Hear every breath in the words that you say
I paint a minds picture and keep it with me
So when my eyes close it's still you that I see
Dancing on tiptoe through dreams etched in hearts
Wrapped in my soul... 'Til another day starts


She is dressed in sunshine
Golden and free
Swaying in summer
A place born to be
Rainbow hair
And a heart like the sun
Warming the soul 
Of the luckiest one
Her light shines brightly
She arches in the sky
A vision of beauty
Reflects in my eye
Fore she is my gift
From the heavens above
And with her I fell deeply in love


  1. Ian, Superb well done. I'm following your blog now.

  2. Thanks For your support as always John