Monday, January 20, 2014

The Game of Life

The Game of Life 

Remove the pennies from your eyes!

You have travelled here through blinding light
Its time for you to rise
You've come forth from the ashes
Like a Phoenix through a flame
Completing all your challenges
 In life... The learning game
Although there are no winners
Therefore... There are no losers too
The game of life is just a test
To see what you would do!
Your choices! Not important
But more the reasons why!
And what you did to change the wrongs
As every day played by
The body that you acted in
From birth until its end
Needs to die to set you free
So your spirit it can send
And now a journey opens wide
A vast and wondrous land
Your soul may roam eternally 
With loved ones close at hand

Sunday, January 19, 2014



A journey of miles starts with only one step

A foot on the pathway ahead

Where that path leads, is your journey of life

And the path you've been chosen to tread

The path is a challenge, a series of goals

A track laid before you to try
It starts on the moment that you were conceived 
And continues long after you die
When your path comes to a junction 
And your direction is left to a choice
You may hear someone directing you
Intuition says... "Follow that voice!"
As somebody placed every footstep
And they helped you to choose the right way
You may not believe in a spiritual guide
But they helped you through every day

Secret Promise

Secret Promise

I whispered to the earth

I whispered to the trees

I felt them both within my palms
As I knelt on my knees 
I asked for their forgiveness
I told them I had tried
I watered them with teardrops...
As I hung my head and cried
I wondered if they'd heard me?
I wondered if they knew?
I wanted them to cradle me...
Like mothers like to do
I heard a silent answer
That was spoken in the breeze
I raised my head and thanked them
Then I got up from my knees
I brushed myself of sorrow
And before I turned to go
I left them with a promise
Just for them and me to know

A Lighter Path

A Lighter Path

If it feels right... Then go with it!

Try it now and never quit

A journeys start however late

Begins with choice... don't hesitate

Whatever happens down this road

Take with you your heavy load
Carry all that weight inside
The mass of past can't be denied
On your journey rest awhile
Leave your guilt right there and smile
Then carry on... leave guilt behind
You've already gained some peace of mind
Now let go your human greed
You don't need wealth to help succeed 
Each step from now will count as two
As gravity releases you
This road before you... Stretching out
It's twists will soon be straightened out
By letting go of all your hate
The poison that holds back your fate
Raise your head with confidence
The path before you making sense
Why carry so much weight around
Throughout life's journey burden bound
Theres still time... let those worries go
If you don't dwell...then they can't grow
And once set free your mind will clear
As stress and turmoil disappear
Your journey lighter... right on course
Continue on without remorse
Trouble free and now of worth
Mapped out for you at birth
Every journey from a start
Is one of courage, one of heart
And from that first step that you take
A new you you'll awake

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Time to Bloom

Time to Bloom 

Broken children, troubled start
No one hears a broken heart
No one takes your pleading hand
As none of them could understand
No one listens to your prayers
Look around you... no one cares!
All of them have lives to lead
Them the flowers, you the weed

From this time of dark despair
It's now time to repair...

Damaged adults gather round
Listen... Hear that broken sound?
A broken heart... it can be heard
And some took note of every word
Every prayer you whispered true
Was given as a gift to you
But as a child you could not see
Your gift was but a key

Find the lock and turn that key
Its time to set your darkness free
Only you yourself can change
It's possible to rearrange
Your clock of life you can now wind 
To leave your broken past behind
And as the hands begin to turn
Its not too late to learn

Use your life as help for those...
The ones that think that no one knows
Hear their hearts and help them mend
It only takes a smiling friend
Make their hand fit like a glove 
Within your hand they will feel love
And in life's garden give them room
A little extra time to bloom

Friday, January 17, 2014

In Her Nature

In Her Nature

Nature with her open hands
Gives away her precious lands

Beauty free for all to view

Evergreen and ever true
From her soil all does rise
Reaching for the higher skies
Fruits that ripen under sun
Are labour foods for everyone
She gives all... yet we want more
We poison what was once made pure
Taking all her offerings
Destroying all the gifts she brings
Nothing given in return
I wonder if we'll ever learn?
That nature too can confiscate 
... And she decides our fate



We are just like magpies
Searching for our find
A little shining glint of hope
That twinkles in the mind
Maybe we'll find treasures!
A piece of past once lost
A broken part of history
Left lying in the dust
Being just like magpies
But without the means to fly
If only we could spread our wings 
And search now from the sky
We could see the earth below us
And thats all we need to see
As nothing is more valuable
Than something that is free

Human Stains

 Human Stains

Rain from the heavens, cascades from the sky

Falling on soil, from clouds ever high
Bathing the earth in a shower so pure
Cleansing the scars, of a world beaten raw
Cracks in her make-up, beginning to show
The rain travels swiftly... and knows where to go
Easing the hurt and then soothing her pains
Washing away... All the human stains

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rhymes from the Rain

Only Gods Children Shine 

Only gods children shine...
Yet deep within this heart of mine
A kindled spark just wont ignite 
To catch and make me bright
In my darkness angels wait
To guide me from my destined fate
Their stained glass eyes refuse to see 
They will not fan the flame in me
So I travel down a darker road
And struggle with my heavy load
Yet... I just want to shine for you
Like all gods children do

Faith in Me 

I want to be the one to catch you...
Like I promised I'd always do
You who has put your faith in me
As if somehow you knew...
That I would be the one to be there
With these hands that would hold you tight
And so far in our existence 
Your believing in me has been right
But... what if I can't make it?
Due to failing eyes and health
How will I ever save you?
When I can't even save myself
But as long as you stand by me
And your shadow walks always with mine
I will do my very best to catch you
... Each and every time

Brighter Times

The sky had mentioned a light would shine my way
It said that if i looked above I'd see it on this day
I sat and asked the clouds if they might move aside awhile
They did and I said "thank you" and I gave my friends a smile
I gazed in silence waiting... and i waited even more
Where was this light of promise that I'd sat and waited for?
I lay on grass and wished the light be possible to see
And then I saw your smiling face just looking down at me
I understood right then that all I really had to do
Was when i needed brighter times... I need only look at you

A Good Day Begins...

A good day begins... As with everyday new
No matter the weather... when I'm close to you
The sun shines so brightly whenever you're near
Lighting my world  just because you are here
Your heart close to mine plays it's magical song
How can my world darken or ever go wrong!
As you are my strength and the lightening in me
By my side is the place where I want you to be
Just to witness your smile at the dawn of a day
Hear every breath in the words that you say
I paint a minds picture and keep it with me
So when my eyes close it's still you that I see
Dancing on tiptoe through dreams etched in hearts
Wrapped in my soul... 'Til another day starts


She is dressed in sunshine
Golden and free
Swaying in summer
A place born to be
Rainbow hair
And a heart like the sun
Warming the soul 
Of the luckiest one
Her light shines brightly
She arches in the sky
A vision of beauty
Reflects in my eye
Fore she is my gift
From the heavens above
And with her I fell deeply in love