Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Answered Prayer

I take your strength
You are stronger than me
I use your eyes
As they help me see
I feel your heart
Its beat ever true 
I love your soul
As this is you
I hold your hand
As it steadies the storm
I thank your mum
For from her you were born
I turn to you
As i know you'll be there
I call your name
Like an answered prayer

Face to Face

I'll cut off my face if i see him again
I don't like the way that he's wearing my head
His eyes filled with horrors i thought i'd expelled
It's years since the bastard was certified dead
He bullies my soul and refuses to leave
Plants seeds in my mind in the hope they will grow
He laughs in my face when I see him so clear
And longs for his damage to finally show 


I find myself lost in a darkening place
I hide it by wearing this smile on my face
Everything gathers and piles up inside
It's been many a year since i've broke down and cried
Thoughts about life only lead me to death
This brown paper bag holds my very last breath
My heart will just stop... Or my thoughts will implode 
I haven't the strength for this punishing load
Memories of past keep returning in dreams
Picking away at the threads of my seams 
Soon i shall break like a crumbling wall
Unstable, and ready to fall

Monday, January 30, 2017


I still hear your bell in the dark of night
My friend in fur with the damaged sight
You came to me when i needed you
A friend so loyal and always true
Protecting me like a good friend should
As only a loved one surely could 
I miss you more than you'll ever know 
But i had to let you go
And over the years you are still with me
I mended your eyes so you might still see
The tears that i've shed from my losing you
My friend so loyal, my angel true 

Fire, Stars, Dylan and God

Sat by a fire in the cold of the night
Trying to keep warm in the glow of its light
Smoke from a peace pipe was passed to a friend 
Mixed with tobacco and some harsher blend 
Lost for a moment the flames of the fire..
Leapt t'wards the sky, jumping higher and higher
My caravan door let the music escape 
Dylan or God on an old cassette tape...
Howled in the night with an out of tune tongue 
Preaching to me in the words of the song
Stars up above were now brighter than bright
Designed was the map of mysterious night
Me, i just smiled, in this atmosphere 
Pleased their directions had guided me to here

Stagger Lee and the Law Man

Splinters of wood crashed down on the floor
Hinges no longer held the bar room door
Spurs on the boots of the man with a star
Clunked through the crowd in the dark smoky bar
He came to a table where the lone wolf sat
Rain dripped like blood from his black Stetson hat
The man sitting down did not raise his head
He just chewed on some meat while the sheriff said

"Well old boy, so we meet at last...
I've been on your trail since the winter past.
And here you are... Not a gun in sight
Have you lost your nerve?
Given up the fight!"

The lone wolf tilted his wanted head
He'd chewed on the words that the law man said
Their eyes now met for the shortest of time
Sending shivers electric down the sheriffs spine

"You know who i am? So you've heard of me!"

'You're the bad motherfucker called Stagger Lee"

'Well here i am... And there you are...
You with your badge... Your law mans star"

The sheriff was nervous so ordered a drink
Kept an eye on the man and he dare not blink

"I'm here to take you, alive... Or dead!
There's a fair high price on your ugly head"

Stag took a moment and calmly replied

"Well I'm shakin' and quakin' and tremblin' inside"

The sheriff then lifted the glass to his lips
His other hand close to the guns on his hips
While Stagger Lee cut with a knife and a fork
Then chewed once again on the beans and the pork
It's then that the sheriff was a little too slow
The table was pushed from the legs down below
The sheriff fell down with the stew and the bread
The knife became lodged in the older man's head
The last thing the law man would ever then see
Was the bad motherfucker they called Stagger Lee

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Twisted Carnival

Welcome to the carnage of this sick and twisted carnival
Where clowns have chainsaws, knives galore as gimmicks in their arsenal 
So take your seat, but be prepared... You may not want to laugh
This isn't fake, they really sawed those pretty girls in half

Fun! Fun! Fun!
You'd better...

The tigers now will be released, no chains shall hold them back
We'll sit and watch them pick their prey before their cruel attack 
Then if you are the chosen ones who find yourselves alive
Well here they come, the clowns are back... Lets see who can survive!

There's nowhere to...

Are you scared yet? Just a tiny, weeny, itsy bitsy, teeny FUCKING BIT?
You should be... 
As the clown who stands before you, is by far the most disturbed... 
And the one that you should really fear... ME!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Angel Tree

I'll meet you under the angel tree
Just you, the branches, the leaves and me
We'll sleep under moon, and we'll spend the night
Embraced in its glowing of pale white light
The mist in the morning shall cover our shame
The stars and the moon we will put all the blame
As here, under the angel tree
Heaven saw what you did to me  

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


You lay here at your ending 
And wonder how you got here so soon
You're frightened under starched white sheets
Surrounded by a curtain in this warm, sterile room
You look at me for comfort
I hold your thin skinned, clammy white hand 
And whisper in your ear so you might understand

"Soon... It is time for you to leave
So relax... and slowly breathe"

You're chest, like a damaged pump
Raises... Stops and starts
Your eyes tell a story... A tale of yesterday 
You are not here alone
Your son sits beside you in this moment
In his silence, he tries his best to pray
He squeezes your thin skinned, shaking hand
This is how all life was planned

"So now you are free to leave...
Just take your time... and try to breathe"

The mask you are wearing, frightens me
You now a stranger
The mother i had, has slipped away
The shell of a body remaining here... But your spirit has gone
And your death now put on blatant display
I remove your fingers... Rigid in mine
And i whisper to you for the very last time

"It is done. You are ready to leave...
No longer then...  Do you need to breathe"

Monday, January 23, 2017

Father and Teacher

The words of a father are given as strength
A guild for a lifetime, no matter the length 
His teachings, not perfect, but taught best he can
Turn girl into woman, and boy into man 
Those children he fathered in time will have grown
And soon they will cherish the youth of their own
Teaching those children, and passing it on
Long after their father and teacher has gone

Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Idiot Truth

You're a bible of lies
You're a bucket of blues
You walk in the shadows
You wear dead mans shoes
You're a self centered martyr 
You're a room with no view
And the devil himself has control over you
You have no respect for the life that you live
You steal and you take yet you fail to give
You're the idiot truth who just can't understand
That the journey you take is the way that he planned   
You're a car crash that no one is able to mend
Your dealer your only reliable friend
He's the sore on your wound that will never then heal
While you ride on the tracks that you try to conceal  

Friday, January 20, 2017

She'll Never Know

There was so much that i didn't say
I should have told her yesterday
She shouldn't worry
But now I'm sorry
Now she's gone and i now know why
She couldn't stay to see me cry
And so she left me
She really left me!

Now i long for the winter rain
To hide these tears that fall again
I truly miss her
And long to kiss her
All those things that i didn't say
Make no sense now anyway
Yet i still keep them
Oh, how i weep them

Time means nothing anymore
I close the curtains, lock the door
Still i can feel her
I couldn't heal her!
I turn to her in this empty bed
Curse the words that i never said
I let her go...
And now she'll never know

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Winter falls on barren trees
Silence stills the fallen leaves
Frosty air begins to sting
No songs from birds in which to sing
Wind grows cold and chills the bone
Soil as hard as ancient stone  
Gathered food now safely stored 
To feed until the earth has thawed

A Love Poem

I would climb any mountain
To witness your smile
Walk stoney old paths
Over many a mile
I would swim vastest oceans
If you would be there
I'd carry your burdens 
When too hard to bare
I would pick you a star
And i'd give it your name
I'd steal cupids darts
And at you i would aim
I would write you a poem
Let everyone see
So the whole world would know
Of your meaning to me

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Every Broken Heart

Every broken heart
Has a fracture, that may never heal
Causing pain inside
And the hurt... That all abandoned feel
Like a mirror smashed
It's the fragments, now beyond repair
Knowing very well...
If you looked, you'd find the truth in there
All that you can do...
Is to find the strength to carry on
Once the bleeding stops... You'll arise 
Then one day you'll find 
That the one that broke your precious heart
Was a love... That wilts... And dies

Monday, January 16, 2017


Lucinda once a woman who'd been buried many years ago
Now tired of her resting she crawled from the grave she laid 
She didn't understand her neighbors, comfortable and cozy 
Who had visitors who knelt with them and listened as they prayed 
Lucinda once a woman was a woman men would marry
She'd had the bluest eyes that any man had ever seen
And often at her fancy she would lay right down beside them
And take those men to places where no man had ever been
Lucinda walked for miles towards her final destination 
And soon stood at the doorway of her well remembered home
He hadn't moved her key from underneath the garden rock 
And so she walked right in and found that he was sleeping all alone
Lucinda stood awhile and she just gazed upon the man
The very man who'd killed her with the poison that he gave
She saw a bottle by his side and thought that she might do the same
And send this vile creature to his well deserving grave
Lucinda though had other plans and slid beneath the silky sheets
And put an arm around him in the way she used to do
It wasn't long before the pig beside her gave a smile
Aware that down beneath the sheets anticipation grew
Lucinda sat upon him and she let him have his moment
Then he opened up his eyes and gave an agonizing cry 
The woman that he'd murdered was the corpse that sat upon him
The very one he'd poisoned and had watched once slowly die
Lucinda felt his heart as it beat heavy in his heaving chest
It stopped just like a broken clock and didn't make a sound
She felt a little tired and so returned back to the graveyard
Where at last she found her peace beneath the cemetery ground 

Your Secret (Safe With Me)

All these secrets you've been keeping
Conjured up while you were sleeping
Scandalizing, tempting dreams
You brought about those wicked schemes 
You thought no one would ever know
Those places where you like to go 
Well baby i've got news for you
I'd like to go there too 

In mumbled words you speak of love
As soft as any velvet glove
Your moaning tells of something deep
That rocks you in the hours of sleep
You move about seductively 
It sets alight a fire in me
So lets make all those dreams come true
I'd like to come with you   


Will you open up your heart to me?
I'm a sailor on a stormy sea
A shipwreck needing much repair
I see your light, is salvage there?
This tide that drags me to your port
May be my only safe resort
So shine your light, give me a sign
And rescue please this ship of mine

Sunday, January 15, 2017


You took me on some crazy ride
You really drove me wild
Leaving me in tatters 
With my body left defiled 
I turned within the empty bed
In tangled sheets and stains
Where memories of the night before
Are all that now remains

The Fall

All the while she sadly falls
She spirals to the ground
Through broken mirrored twisting halls
She screams without a sound 
Images of what she was
Reflected in the shards
Her mind and thought collapsing 
Like a house once built of cards
This labyrinth of loneliness 
No rabbits here to chase
Just her and fragments of the past
Within this troubled place 

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Answer (To Every Prayer)

She is a secret unknown that was never revealed 
Her heart but a chamber, the doors to her soul ever sealed 
A piece of a puzzle thats never been made
The miles she has walked always randomly paved 
And she is the answer to every prayer that i prayed

She is an ocean that no one would dare ever sail 
A mountain so high, never climbed, but is there to prevail 
A labyrinth without a start or an end
Something so real but you can't comprehend 
And she is the answer to every prayer that i send

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ocean Blue

And when i fall upon 
The ocean blue
To drown in tears that fell from you
I'll taste your pain
I'll take the blame
Then swim towards you once again

Sunday, January 8, 2017


I'm just a baby looking at a messed up world that doesn't care
You may not understand me but I guess that you were never there
And as a boy I thought about the others who were roaming free 
Not locked away with strangers who were frightened much the same as me
Then in my teens I broke the chains and stumbled through a darker time
I found myself and what I learned was getting there you had to climb 
That young man struggled on and on until he reached the very top
And once he finally got there he just carried on and didn't stop
Eventually the old man saw himself and in the mirror stared 
And looked upon the baby who at last had been repaired 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Darkest Corner

Silently i self destruct 
Inside my head i know I'm fucked
The broken pieces that i find
Confirm a fragile state of mind
And all the while nobody knows 
I go to places no one goes
The darkest corner in the room
Where i feel safe within the gloom
I want someone to find me there
To show me that they really care
But all the while i break and bend
Unsure if i can mend

Monday, January 2, 2017


I'm on the edge
About to fall
I guess I'm crazy after all
And alcohol just numbs the pain
Aboard this train that's bound insane 
Next stop, not too far away
A month. A week. A reckless day
My journey once again off track
There is no turning back