Monday, April 24, 2017

Punk As Fuck

I'd swallow pills for simple thrills 
And drink as if i had to sink
Into a world that felt more real 
A place where i could think
My head would spin from deep within 
And there i'd find the inner me 
Not someone who was chastised 
With a longing to be free 
And in this state of anger, hate 
I'd look around in such disdain 
And spit my thoughts from what became 
A sharp and razored tongue 
The freak in me was always there 
Exploding from a childs despair 
My past was never "Just bad luck"
But simply Punk as fuck!

Poet To Poet

I bet you wish i'd go away
And come back on a brighter day
Then write about the birds and bees
Of swaying flowers, leafy trees 
Or maybe how the sunshine glows 
How sea might feel upon my toes
But here i am and here i'll stay
"I WILL NOT go away!"
I write about the things i see
About the fears concerning me
The truth is what I'm here to tell
You know me oh so well!
I may be morbid, always dark
My purpose to ignite a spark
That sets alight your cozy place
And slaps you in the face
So wake up poets, look around! 
There's blood upon your flowered ground 
And bombs fall from your sunny sky
As starving, broken children cry 
I cannot close my eyes to this 
Your happy ditti's take the piss
Of every teardrop ever spilt 
As dying flowers wilt 

Anger IS An Energy

John Lydon he once said these words
To most they sounded quite absurd 
"Anger Is An Energy"
Makes perfect fucking sense to me
As every day i wake to find
A rage that courses through my mind
It helps me cope throughout the day 
To face the crap that comes my way
It's in the poems that i write 
I seldom bark but always bite
Anger IS an energy!
Of that i guarantee 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

With A Girl Like You

You could give me diamonds 
You can buy me rings
Cover me in flowers 
All those stupid things
But what i want...
If you only knew
I would just be happy
With a girl like you

You could sing me love songs
You can break my heart
You could even end it
If you let it start
"Cause what i want...
Is that something new
And i bet i'd find it
With a girl like you

But i guess you're always out of reach 
Like some exotic star
No matter then how close i get
You'll be forever far 

But what i want...
If my dreams come true
Is that you'll see this lost boy
With a girl like you

With a girl like you-oo
With a girl like you-oo
With a girl like you-oo
With a girl like you


Yesterday you told me that you loved me
Yesterday you kissed me tenderly 
Now you say you're leaving without warning 
Something 'bout you needed to be free

Yesterday i felt that we were sacred 
Yesterday i looked into your eyes 
Now i see the promises you made me
They were only stupid little lies 

Yesterday i woke to find you with me 
Yesterday i watched you slowly breathe 
Now my heartbeat races with anxiety 
As i watch you close the door and leave 

Yesterday i guess it never mattered 
Yesterday now seems so long ago
Now i sit here by myself in silence 
Broken is the man you'll never know 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Free Fall

I climbed up a mountain, a place to feel free
I looked down and saw many following me
I needed the space, so i shouted and said
"I'm needing this space to un-clutter my head!"
But they kept on coming, the line only grew 
What monkeys all see, other monkeys will do
So i leapt from the summit and fell through the air
As I'd never find freedom up there! 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


I take one more mouthful of Jacky D... and swallow. It spills from my mouth like a fuel pump overflowing from a tank that won't take another drop more. This body is full, and blood is minimal... I am now running on JD alone. A car crash ready to happen.
I drive myself along a footpath, Feeling more like a bumper car than a cadillac. My lights don't work and everything's a blur. People walk by, avoiding the maniac behind the wheel who can't control his vehicle... Surely he will collide with someone!
I light a Silk Cut red, with the flick of a thumb, The Zippo sets my innards alight and fire rages through my veins. And out from my lungs smoke flows as it would from any inferno.
For a moment, i look up at the sky. And then everything makes sense... This vehicle has already crashed. Stars hang around me like a cartoon character who has been hit by something ridiculous. The rabbit, cat, duck or wolf may have been hit by a rock, an ironing board, a freight train or a ten ton weight.
Me... I had been hit by life.