Sunday, March 30, 2014

Return to Liberty 

Return to Liberty 

The stranger rode into the town...
His journey here... To burn it down
Revenge for what its people did
And all the lies they hid
The painted sign read "Liberty"
A liars name that he could see
Where hidden in its "freedom" claim
It's people we're to blame
The rider who had travelled far
He walked into the crowded bar
Where every head did turn his way...
And every head would pay
The barman filled a whiskey glass
In shaky voice he dared to ask
"Where you from?" the old man spoke
The stranger lit a smoke
He turned and walked right out the door
As Talking's not what he came for
He strolled toward the sheriffs den
Surrounded by four men
The four men they began to laugh
Which became their own epitaph 
The stranger pulled his 45
Not one was left alive
Before the sheriff grabbed his gun
The strangers work had now begun
He pointed Colt to sheriffs head...
Then shot the law man dead
Blood flowed on the wooden floor
An outlaw now walked out the door
Many men now laid in wait
To kill this man of hate
He filled the chamber, took his aim
Pointed to each man of blame
Pistol smoke then filled the air
Lives were ended... Then and there
As each and every gun was raised
That life was over, soon erased 
Yet every bullet fired his way
Proved karma rode with him today
Amidst the rapid gunfire sound
The guilty fell to ground
His barrel smoked from over kill
Again the chamber he did fill
He walked back to the empty bar
And threw across the room a star
The barman passed the man a drink
Stared at the face... And tried to think
He placed the man... This man had hung
All accusations wrong
The town had set the wrong man free
And in this place called Liberty
A ghostly figure had returned
As Liberty... then burned
Like the breeze that blew the dust
The stranger came and then was lost
And only orange sky did shine
Upon the painted sign

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"What Happened?" 

"What Happened?" 

"Ridiculous I tell you"
This world has gone quite mad
It's nothing like the golden times
Today seems rather sad
Gone are all the good times
All discipline is lost
Everything that once was great
Now sits and gathers dust

Look around and tell me 
That our lives are better now!
That technology improves our world
Explain to me... Just how?
As all I see is ignorance 
And everything seems wrong
Texts now our speaking form
A thumb replaced a tongue

"Where are all the children?"
They just stare at screens and hide
Exercise is for the old
Its them that go outside
Breathing in pollution 
From the cars that cough their fumes
Maybe that's why all the children
Stay inside their rooms!"

"What happened?"
Everything has gone!
Even summers long ago
Once guaranteed the sun
Now it hides redundant
And nobody seems to care
A future looks uncertain
In this world we cannot share

"It's ridiculous I tell you"
This world is far from better
You can't compare a bleeping text
To the romance of a letter
But things are now so different
Just look around and see
I look and wonder what went wrong?
When so right things used to be

Saturday, March 22, 2014

From Then... To Now

From Then... To Now

So today is the day I reach my fiftieth year
From my birth and the times in between 
In those fifty years, well... I should have learnt something!
From all the things that I've done and I've seen!
I see fifty as a strange kind of blessing 
As being born  "fucked ups" prodigal son
I returned to depression on many a time
Never thinking id reach twenty-one!
By rights I should not really be here
But my appointments were cancelled you see
In youth I tried desperately to end all the crap
But even god turned his back upon me
Then before I knew it... I was twenty-one plus
In a time I spent mostly in haze
Pills and a bottle becoming my friends
In those darkening, desolate days
In my thirties my life, well... It had to change
As i had children depending on me
My life now made sense for the very first time
As my eyes had been opened to see
And then forty it just came a-tumbling along
With it's mythical "life begins now!"
My journey no longer an obstacle course  
How I got it here, I'll never know how!
But fifty IS here, and I feel so alive
Unlike that kid who had nothing but tears?
With age I have learned I am happy in life...
And cant wait for my following years

Friday, March 14, 2014



"Begone" said the wind to the leaves on the tree
"That rustling of yours, it is bothering me"
The leaves spiralled down to the soil on the ground
Scattered on earth, they danced without sound
"Begone" said the wind to the branches of the tree
"That creaking you make, it is grinding on me"
The branches broke down and they cracked and they groaned
Falling to earth they collided and moaned
"Begone" said the wind to the grandest of tree
"You are not strong enough to face the tantrums of me"
The tree stood its ground and it's roots bedded in
The wind could not penetrate the rough rugged skin
"Begone" said the tree to the wind overhead
The wind not amused at the words that were said
It ran out of puff... as the tree stood up tall
Defying the wind... and refusing to fall

Saturday, March 8, 2014

You're Not Here

You're Not Here

I try to see you through the teardrops in my eyes
I cannot find you... But that comes as no surprise 
As you're not here!
No... No... No... You're not here

I try to touch you like I've done a thousand times
But now there's space that fills these lonely hands of mine
Because you're not here!
No... No... No... You're not here

Without you here...
I walk the streets at night, my mind unclear
Searching... As if you might just suddenly appear
Amongst the stars... Will I see you again?
Where I once found you... Dancing here in the rain

... But you're not here, you're not here... Did you just disappear?

I try to hear the words you breathed within my ear
Those gentle words of love you whispered so sincere 
But their not here!
No... No... No... I can't hear

I try to feel my heart, it's rhythm out of beat
Without you... it's recital, incomplete
And you're not here!
No... No... No... nowhere near

Without you here...
I walk the streets at night, my mind unclear
Searching... As if you might just somehow re-appear
Under the stars... In my arms once again
I reach out for you... But i catch only rain

... As you're not here, you're not here... You have gone... Far from here

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Forever... Not time

Forever... Not Time

She covers the parts she doesn't like me to see 
Yet ignores the lines that are covering me
She lays on the bed in the flickering light
A candle in darkness she needs to feel right

But she... Looks like an angel to me
With who I'm gifted to be, in the presence of she
And I... See the love in her eyes
Thoughts she cannot disguise, as she lies here with me

She smiles and she whispers and breathes in my ear
Surely in heaven with her I am here
The touch of her lips and the glint in her eye
Can only compare to a velvety sky

And she... Looks so precious to me
Here she's chosen to be, wrapped in these arms of mine
And I... I just want her to stay
See her first everyday, 'til the end of all time

She pulls herself close and I hold her so near
I whisper my thoughts so she knows not to fear
She has no need to worry "My heartbeat is true...
As it's rhythm beats only in times spent with you"

As she... Is a goddess to me
The only woman I see, with these eyes that are mine
And I... I just need her to know
I will never let go...  We have forever... not time

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A World Mapped Out

A World Mapped Out 

I study the poster that highlights my wall
A map of the world and the home of us all
A place of such Beauty with so much to see
I imagine the places where I'd like to be

You see... My home is a pin prick 
Unnoticed by most
It has nothing to prove, not a thing it can boast
In fact its forgotten, when once it did shine
This island now lost in a different time

I gaze to America, the land of the free
A place so imprisoned, it's lost it's own key
Their fighting shall end with an enemy bigger
As they storm into heaven with hands on the trigger

I travel to Russia, whose heart has been sold
A place so depressing and violently cold
It's people so hard that they can't even smile
So rigid in form that they march every mile

The land of the Muslims will bring its own fate
The god that they bow too has filled them with hate
"How can a man not be in love with his wife?"
"And not give a damn for his own precious life?"

I move to Canada, a place that holds hope
But joined to American it may hang by their rope
As this beautiful place that is perfectly green
Can be easily made as unclean

Germany stands with the harshest of tongues
Its history remembered from all of its wrongs
I wonder... How could a nation consider the choice?
And follow the nightmares of a maniacs voice

I find Jerusalem, the land of all wars
How many have died and religion the cause?
This biblical land that has cried many tears
Surely punished enough over thousands of years

England the mighty that stands ever tall
The bricks of an empire designed not to fall
Now lies from its leaders so neatly suppressed 
Puts a proudest of people to test

My eyes travel too far...
I hang on a ledge
One blink more and I'll fall off the edge
A world mapped out is the sorriest sight
As nothing within it is right!

My picture seems bleak... is there anyplace good?
I started out dreaming, where I'd go if I could
But my eyes keep returning to a pin prick alone
My tiny, once beautiful home