Sunday, September 10, 2017

Fifty Shots Of Whiskey

I'm pissed and i am pissed off
But i ain't going down
Many think that one more drink 
This man is gonna drown 
I'm tanked up like a fucking tank, ready for a fight
And fifty shots of whiskey couldn't knock me out tonight

I'm lookin' for ya bastard 
You better run and hide 
You have a gang that's with you 
But the devil's at my side
My bark may slur a little, but this dog is gonna bite
And fifty shots of whiskey couldn't knock me out tonight

And when i find ya bastard
The bells of hell will ring 
I kid you not, it's gonna hurt
These fists are gonna swing 
I'll hit you with a left hook, then floor you with a right
And fifty shots of whiskey couldn't knock me out tonight 
Said fifty shots of whiskey couldn't knock me out tonight... Boom!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Passing Through

I sit here reminiscing 
Of days long in my past
Those years have travelled swiftly  
They've come and gone so fast 
Those times spent round the campfire 
Where flames danced through the night 
Leaving smoldering embers 
As dawn replaced its light 

Those friends who were my brothers
In caravans called home 
They were the closest family 
That this man had ever known 
We'd smoke what nature gave us 
While music filled the air 
What little we all had back then 
We'd find enough to share

We found a place to settle 
A road side with a view 
Beside a rolling river
Like us just passing through 
The hills a welcome shelter
From winters hard to bare
I'd never found a place called home
Like i had found right there 

That fire keeps on burning
It warms my soul and heart
That family still remains with me
However far apart
And like that river passing through
We'll meet again sometime
I'll keep our fire burning 
In this gypsy heart of mine


Lucinda once a woman who'd been buried many years ago
Now tired of her resting she crawled from the grave she laid 
She didn't understand her neighbors, comfortable and cozy 
Who had visitors who knelt with them and listened as they prayed 
Lucinda once a woman, was a woman men would marry
She'd had the bluest eyes that any man had ever seen
And often at her fancy she would lay right down beside them
And take those men to places where no man had ever been
Lucinda walked for miles towards her final destination 
And soon stood at the doorway of her well remembered home
He hadn't moved her key from underneath the garden rock 
And so she walked right in to find the bastard sleeping all alone
Lucinda stood awhile and she just gazed upon the man
The very man who'd killed her with the poison that he gave
She saw a bottle by his side and thought that she might do the same
And send this vile creature to his well deserving grave
Lucinda though had other plans and slid beneath the silky sheets
And put an arm around him in the way she used to do
It wasn't long before the pig beside her gave a smile
Aware that down beneath the sheets anticipation grew
Lucinda sat upon him and she let him have his moment
He opened up his eyes and gave an agonizing cry 
The woman that he'd murdered was the corpse that sat upon him
The very one he'd poisoned and had watched once slowly die
Lucinda felt his heart as it beat heavy in his heaving chest
It stopped just like a broken clock and didn't make a sound
She felt a little tired and so returned back to the graveyard
Where at last she found her peace beneath the cemetery ground 


Franchesca was a little girl who loved her father dearly 
She sobbed her little heart out crying "Daddy can you hear me?"
The darkness she was deeply in had shrouded him from sight 
And everything surrounding her was black and pitch as night 
Her father sat beside her with his head held in his palms 
Remembering the baby that he once held in his arms 
He raised his head to see Franchesca pale in her bed 
Before the nurses sterile gaze confirmed his daughter dead 


It once was told a house was built upon a silent hill, and stood there in the shadows now for many, many years
It's true to say that many often passed the door that filled them with an inner dread that preyed upon their deepest, darkest fears
But long ago this very place was home to sweet Imelda, who would run around its structure through the dark and empty halls 
It's said she had a gift, and she would see them as they freely moved around the house, then disappear behind the solid walls
No one ever visited, and as the seasons hurried by, a lonely woman lived within this dark and damp abode  
And with the passing years, the cracks and peeling paint were of an age in which this shadowed home of hers was miserably showed 
When passers by came close they'd hear the sobbing of Imelda, that would break the heart of any living thing that came to care
But all would keep their distance, as the fear was overwhelming... Imelda had her demons who were locked away in there
The voices that were heard were incoherent in a whisper, like the wind that sent a frozen finger running down a spine 
The sun would never shine upon the broken tiled rooftop, and the passers by would see this as a supernatural sign
So poor Imelda passed away and no one mourned her sorry soul, but still her sobs are heard as though she never really died 
And to this day not one has ever had the nerve to turn the handle of the creaking door of hers and visit her inside 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Scarborough Fear

If you should go to Scarborough fair 
There's a field of heather and thyme 
Where the breeze shall whisper the name 
Of a girl that used to be mine 
In this field of purple and green 
Under rocks that lay on the ground
Lies my love who never returned 
Lies my love who's never been found 
It was there where i laid her down
Where the crows all witnessed my crime 
While i placed the stones on her grave 
In that field of heather and thyme 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Beneath The Mask

If only i could find a way
To help me cope throughout the day
Without my mask for all to see
The ugliness bestowed on me
These eyes that i have grown to hate
This face i'd gladly mutilate 
So god himself won't recognize 
My mask, my face, my true disguise 
Yet under cover, my facade 
Of skin and bone this mess is made 
The mask itself protecting me 
From those that wish to see