Monday, December 5, 2016

The Veil

 There is only a veil between us 
Yet it keeps us a whole world apart
I've been so close that i've sensed your tears
Felt the sorrow within your heart
I've longed to be reunited 
For this veil to gracefully fall
Then you will find that i never left
And I wasn't that far at all 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Twelve Days Of Christmas

 On the twelfth day of Christmas 
The sky was turning black
The winter wind began to blow
Its chill upon my back

On the eleventh day of Christmas 
I watched some children play
The snow they threw while laughing
Made a winter scene clique

On the tenth day of Christmas 
A beggar raised his hand
I gave a word of sympathy 
He didn't understand

On the ninth day of Christmas 
A choir sang aloud
But no one even listened
They were lost within the crowd

On the eighth day of Christmas
The bells began to chime
Celebrating something
From a long forgotten time

On the seventh day of Christmas
The shops were nearly clear
While many would awake with gifts
Some would wake with fear

On the sixth day of Christmas 
The bombs began to fall
Beneath the pile of rubble 
Was a frightened child's call

On the fifth day of Christmas
While gun shots filled the air
Others wrapped their presents 
Not a thought and not a care

On the fourth day of Christmas
The wine began to pour
While blood flowed freely somewhere else
In someone else's war

On the third day of Christmas 
A star hung in the sky
But no one even noticed 
What it came to signify 

On the second day of Christmas
While many mourned their dead
Crackers pulled, exploded
And the corny jokes were read

On the first day of Christmas 
The celebration starts
Before you fill your stomachs 
Take the time to fill your hearts 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

One To All

If i could write one thing that had meaning
And if just one single person took the time
So from that one, who may turn to another
Telling this dream that had started as mine
Maybe the words of another could go further
All that it takes is someone to listen in
Spreading the love that had come from stranger
Then peace may at last soon begin
And from a thought, we could all come together
We could be one, and isn't that hard to do
All that it takes, is a friend and believer
And that could be them. That could be us. That could be me... And you

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Lucy's Breakdown

A woman by the name of Lucy, looked within the mirror that was cracked from many punches, from her scarred and shaking fist.
The cracks themselves reminded her, of arteries that she had sought, but somehow every razor cut had gone astray and missed.
She gazed into her eyes, and it had come as no surprise, to find mascara trails that smudged her face from bitter fallen tears.
And once again she stood there, with another coming breakdown, and this mirror was the only place where she could face her fears.
A smiled came from nowhere, and it brought with it an overwhelming urge to fall apart, and let the darkness in again.
Lucy held her head in hands, but nothing now could stop her, as she felt herself disintegrate within her world of pain.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


My fingertips upon your neck will let you know I'm here
Bringing only comfort and a sign to never fear
Whenever you might call me I shall not be far away
As I will be beside you through the night and through the day 

One Little Blow

I feel so tired I just want to die
Close shut my eyes... Not a word of goodbye
Just drift away quietly, let everything go
Like dandelion fairies with one little blow

The light that I had it now struggles to shine
And darkness appears in the eyes that are mine
This flickering candle shall snuff out its glow
And my life will be over with one little blow  


When my body works no more
Please say a little prayer for me
Then up the window wide
And set my spirit free