Monday, January 16, 2017


Lucinda once a woman who'd been buried many years ago
Now tired of her resting she crawled from the grave she laid 
She didn't understand her neighbors, comfortable and cozy 
Who had visitors who knelt with them and listened as they prayed 
Lucinda once a woman was a woman men would marry
She had the bluest eyes that any man had ever seen
And often at her fancy she would lay right down beside them
And take those men to places where no man had ever been
Lucinda walked for miles towards her distant destination 
And soon stood at the doorway of her well remembered home
He hadn't moved the key from underneath the garden rock 
And so she walked right in and found that he was sleeping all alone
Lucinda stood awhile and she just gazed upon the man
The very man who'd killed her with the poison that he gave
She saw a bottle by his side and thought that she might do the same
And send this vile creature to his well deserving grave
Lucinda though had other plans and slid beneath the silky sheets
And put an arm around him in the way she used to do
It wasn't long before the pig beside her gave a smile
Aware that down beneath the sheets anticipation grew
Lucinda sat upon him and she let him have his moment
He opened up his eyes and gave an agonizing cry 
The woman that he'd murdered was the thing that sat upon him
The very one he'd poisoned and had watched once slowly die
Lucinda felt his heart as it beat heavy in his heaving chest
It stopped just like a broken clock and didn't make a sound
She felt a little tired and so returned back to the graveyard
Where at last she found her peace beneath the cemetery ground 

Your Secret (Safe With Me)

All these secrets you've been keeping
Conjured up while you were sleeping
Scandalizing, tempting dreams
You brought about those wicked schemes 
You thought no one would ever know
Those places where you like to go 
Well baby i've got news for you
I'd like to go there too 

In mumbled words you speak of love
As soft as any velvet glove
Your moaning tells of something deep
That rocks you in the hours of sleep
You move about seductively 
It sets alight a fire in me
So lets make all those dreams come true
I'd like to come with you   


Will you open up your heart to me?
I'm a sailor on a stormy sea
A shipwreck needing much repair
I see your light, is salvage there?
This tide that drags me to your port
May be my only safe resort
So shine your light, give me a sign
And rescue please this ship of mine

Sunday, January 15, 2017


You took me on some crazy ride
You really drove me wild
Leaving me in tatters 
With my body left defiled 
I turned within the empty bed
In tangled sheets and stains
Where memories of the night before
Are all that now remains

The Fall

All the while she sadly falls
She spirals to the ground
Through broken mirrored twisting halls
She screams without a sound 
Images of what she was
Reflected in the shards
Her mind and thought collapsing 
Like a house once built of cards
This labyrinth of loneliness 
No rabbits here to chase
Just her and fragments of the past
Within this troubled place 

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Answer (To Every Prayer)

She is a secret unknown that was never revealed 
Her heart but a chamber, the doors to her soul ever sealed 
A piece of a puzzle thats never been made
The miles she has walked always randomly paved 
And she is the answer to every prayer that i prayed

She is an ocean that no one would dare ever sail 
A mountain so high, never climbed, but is there to prevail 
A labyrinth without a start or an end
Something so real but you can't comprehend 
And she is the answer to every prayer that i send

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ocean Blue

And when i fall upon 
The ocean blue
To drown in tears that fell from you
I'll taste your pain
I'll take the blame
Then swim towards you once again