Monday, June 26, 2017

Summer Lady

I watched my woman naked
As god designed at birth
I witnessed all her beauty 
No other on this earth 
She looked at me and smiled
Then held out her bare hand
What happened next is sacred
I hope you understand

And with that secret over
I held her to my chest
Our hearts they beat together 
My love for her expressed 
I heard her breathing softly 
And caught her breath in mine 
She wrapped her arms around me
And two would then entwine 

We gazed out through the window 
The moon was hanging high 
Stars of ancient glory 
Sprinkled on the sky 
And when i found her sleeping 
In crumpled sheets she dressed 
I felt so very special 
And never been more blessed 

The morning brought a new day 
And summer filled the air
I smiled down at my lady 
And brushed aside her hair
I kissed her ever gentle 
As every kiss should be 
Then laid back down beside her 
And held her tenderly 

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