Monday, June 26, 2017

A Little Room For Me

I wondered where you went to
I looked but you weren't there
I thought that i might follow
But with thought i didn't dare
I ask that you might listen 
I was blind and couldn't see 
My prayer is you might try to find 
A little room for me

I threw myself in darkness 
Found the place called Babylon 
Not knowing of the hurt I'd find
Believing it was fun
I've worked hard for redemption 
Packed my bags so i could flee 
And I'm asking you to try and leave
A little room for me

My lies were only mortal 
Now stains I've left behind 
A lifetime spent deceiving 
Now seeks for peace of mind
I've thrown away my hatred 
From sins i've broken free 
And all i need to know is there
A little room for me

I've called your name a thousand times
Yet not heard your reply
I've gazed at every shining star 
Not one has caught my eye
Amidst this vast eternal 
I hope there just might be
A chance that you have saved a space
A little room for me

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